Animated Adventures

This is where many of their Animated Adventures can be found. 
 /(Updated 2013) 

Additional Animations that do not benefit on Youtube will be posted below:
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This is an excerpt from...
Wendy and Lucy's Gray Ghost Adventure  
Wendy and Lucy are going to the visit the Queen Mary. Here is one scene from their upcoming adventure. (It's taking me a while to get the boards just right for the next few installments. Please be patient). 
In this animated adventure, Lucy proves that the B Deck can be a lot of fun. The music should be familiar to many of you. I do not claim ownership to it, but tried to merely do a fun tribute to the late Jim Henson. 

Wendy and Lucy in 2 Seconds (Experiments):
The Police Chase 
The Escape 
(more to come as I dig through my archives). 

Wendy and Lucy go to the Getty Villa, and learn about Greek Mythology.
I smoothed out some of the rougher scenes. I may go back and smooth out more areas when time permits.