Monday, January 25, 2016

Wendy Who?: A 101 Course For The Confused

What is the cartoon about?
The comic revolves around the lives of two dogs, Wendy and Lucy. Wendy is the smartest canine of the two, and is always helping Lucy get out of trouble.

The characters interact with other creatures, and even-at one point- inherent a pony! This is a fun, simple, and humorous comic.

When did the cartoon begin?
The first cartoon appeared in July of 2006.

What's a "Season"?
Season = years in production.
Season 1 = 1 year in production
Season 10 = 10th year in production 

Sometimes Seasons are skipped due to ongoing story lines, and not wanting to further confuse the readers. 

Are there Wendy and Lucy Animations*? 
There are several experiments that can be found on their youtube channel

*There are Wendy and Lucy TV show style animations in the works. Shannon is better at the story than the animating, so it will be awhile before anything big happens.